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The university’s statement paints Goegan as the villian, arguing that he refused to make much use of the tool that his department had agreed that every student taking that course should go through.They also say that “ASU never requires a professor to fail a certain percentage of students,” and that Goegan was inflating grades in his courses by consistently awarding “a huge percentage of A and B grades” compared to everyone else teaching the same courses.“I can’t believe someone finally spoke out about it,” says Wright.

That’s a stark departure from the age-old textbook model, which gave students the option of buying a used copy, renting a book or borrowing one if they didn’t want to fork over the money for a new one.

"I would joke with my students that they could buy all the Harry Potter books for that price and learn more from those than from the textbook." Bret Hovell, a spokesman for the university, says that the majority of the professors in the economics department felt the new tools were an advance that did more than just let students turn in answers that could have been submitted by email or the learning-management system.

And with so many students taking these introductory courses, he adds that it is important that they “make sure that everyone is having to do the same stuff” so they are ready for the courses that require Econ 211 or 212 as a prerequisite.

Even though she didn’t read the related text, she says she used the internet to learn the material and churned through the entire semester’s worth of homework before the two weeks were up, so she didn’t have to pay the fee. A few years ago, a Buzz Feed News article featured students at other universities angry that they had to pay to turn in homework.

One student interviewed said the 0 fee for a homework system was more than she could afford when the semester started, so she just skipped assignments and was forced to take zeros for homework until she could afford to pay. But as a scared freshman looking at their grades, it’s not fun,” the student said.

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