Easter Wings George Herbert Essay

For my final project, I sought to further explore a question I discussed in earlier blog posts: should the greatest priority in book digitization be maintaining fidelity to the exact appearance of the printed text or recreating the author’s intended user experience with some artistic liberty?

George Herbert’s provides an interesting lens from which to view this question.

Each of the six circles has a unique circumference.

In order to draw attention to the narrator’s growing disenchantment with Christianity, I gradually disintegrated the circumference of the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth circles.

By choosing the medium of shape poetry, Herbert attempted to instill materiality into his words.

Furthermore, since I built each digitization using modern web technologies – HTML, CSS, Javascript, Riot JS, and Matter JS – I’ll briefly discuss the technical details of each digitization.

To delve into the code that I wrote for each of these digitized poems, feel free to visit the Git Hub repository that I created for this project.

Because of Nabokov’s emphasis on stimulating the reader’s sensibilities as an essential element of the reading experience, I contend that bringing to life the author’s intended reading experience matters more than replicating a text with exactitude when crafting a digital form of a book.

I have utilized the aforementioned argument as a guiding principle throughout my digitization of six poems from Herbert’s .

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