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I started with Shakespeare in Russia just because his work had been translated so much and the fact that he was such a canonical writer introduced lots of other interesting questions into the mix.

I began looking at the whole history of his work in Russia, and then narrowed down my focus more and more.

Top of the page You will normally own the copyright in your work.

An exception might arise where pre-existing agreement allocates copyright to another party (for example, if you or a project you have worked on is sponsored or funded by an external organisation).

Top of the page If the proportion of a work that you want to include is more than what is 'fair dealing', or your intended use is not covered by the exceptions already mentioned, then you could: Top of the page When you include copyright material in your assessed work, you should always acknowledge the source by fully referencing it.

This is also a condition of relying on any of the fair dealing exceptions to UK Copyright law already mentioned.

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If you do not do this, you may be accused of academic plagiarism, as well as infringing copyright.

See the guides on Avoiding Plagiarism and Referencing and Citing for help in acknowledging the sources you use.

What is a 'fair' amount will vary with circumstances. JISC (2014) also advises that in respect of criticism and review it may be relevant to consider the following: Top of the page Another exception to UK Copyright law, Illustration for instruction, allows copying for the purposes of examination.

This includes the incorporation of materials in Masters dissertations, or Ph D theses, that count towards a final examination mark. photographs, tables, diagrams etc.) to include in your thesis or as appendices to it.

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