E-Commerce And The World Wide Web Research Paper

The World Wide Web has achieved immense popularity in the business world.It is thus essential to characterize the traffic behavior at these sites, a study that will facilitate the design and development of high-performance, reliable e-commerce servers. Aggregated traffic arriving at a Business-to-Business (B2B) and a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) e-commerce site was collected and analyzed.When Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web on this day (March 12) 30 years ago, he thought it was operating in “a simple, star-spangled, unicorn-sky world.”But in the three decades since, his idealistic ambitions for the web’s early days have been met with a decent wallop from the realities of adulthood. In 1989, some scientists at CERN, the science research center in Switzerland, wanted to automatically share their information with fellow scientists working elsewhere in the world.Email already existed, but there was no easy way to transmit large amounts of data other than saving it on a disk and physically bringing it to another computer.

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In other ways, though, the web hasn’t fulfilled Berners-Lee’s vision.High degree of self-similarity was found in the traffic (higher than that observed in general Web-environment).Heavy-tailed behavior of transfer times was established at both the sites.At that point, [the web] was in transition to growing up.Coming-of-age rituals for the web included Cambridge Analytica, Trump, and Brexit—which might have been some of the more ghastly teenage moments.But we think that as everybody goes through the coming of age, it’ll be worth the effort to make sure the web is a nice and constructive place, because it’ll be so wonderful to be in. Web queries are a primary means for translating people's business product, service and information needs for e-commerce.When it was three, it might have had a very simple, star-spangled vision of itself.When it was small enough not to have been noticed by criminals, it was a wonderful time.So it’s no longer a simple, star-spangled, unicorn-sky world.But as you grow up, you accept these things, and you sit down and spend a certain amount of your life being a part of building those regulations, teaching your kids those regulations, and making sure those regulations work.

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