Drugs And Abuse Essay Thesis On Twain As A Racist

Anxiety contributes to alcoholic addiction in America (Jennings, 2003).” A great number of individuals are motivated by the need to find relief from psychological problems or personal problems.

Other reasons which motivate the use of drugs are mental disorders which may have to be treated with a narcotic to eleviate the symptoms of the disorder.

People who are heavy drinkers or abusers of alcohol do usually due to some form of anxiety.

“ Views on the amount of alcohol consumed correlated positively with anxiety created by various cultural circumstances.

Our culture through the various forms of the media has glamourized drug use.

This image of acceptance contradict the anti-drug messages that the youth of this country are being exposed to, through school, and advertisement paid for by anti-drug organizations.

Drug abuse has been an ongoing problem that has plagued America.

The study concluded that young adults in their twenties who had used drugs in their teens developed more health problems than those who had not ever used drugs.Teenagers have shown an increase in drug usage base on a study done by various government agencies and anti-drug organizations.Even though most teenagers have been well informed of the health risks and dangers of drug abuse, many still make a personal choice to use them.There has always been a desire to find the meaning of life or to gain a deeper understanding of oneself and purpose in life.Some people feel so strongly about this that they resort to chemical substances in order to comprehend the world of the supernatural.Alcoholism is another problem that ranks highly in our nation of substance abuse.Traditional treatment for alcohol abuse usually involves a twelve -step program at a licensed treatment center.With all these items and so many varieties to choose from, the American public soon becomes desensitized by the over stimulation to the senses.Many of our children are bombarded with this type of mental stimulation and they soon become bored.In today’s society we are often stimulated by audio and visual stimulants.For example, the vast variety of video games, computers, television, DVD’s, and CD’s, are all geared to satisfy our desire for audio/visual pleasure.

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