Drugs And Abuse Essay Essay Writing Phrases In Spanish

With all these items and so many varieties to choose from, the American public soon becomes desensitized by the over stimulation to the senses.

Many of our children are bombarded with this type of mental stimulation and they soon become bored.

Some people feel so strongly about this that they resort to chemical substances in order to comprehend the world of the supernatural.Our culture through the various forms of the media has glamourized drug use.This image of acceptance contradict the anti-drug messages that the youth of this country are being exposed to, through school, and advertisement paid for by anti-drug organizations.One such reason is the need to satisfy our want of mental stimulation audio/ visually.People are surrounded, by items meant to grasp, or stimulate their attention.During the 1970’s cocaine use was considered the drug of choice, it also brought along with it a new surge of violent crimes and increased addiction.There are many different factors in our society that have contributed to the support of drug abuse and drug use.Alcoholism is another problem that ranks highly in our nation of substance abuse.Traditional treatment for alcohol abuse usually involves a twelve -step program at a licensed treatment center.The only other alternative to generate excitement is the use of drugs.Still others are finding it necessary to seek some type of religious experience and therefore are motivated to become closer to a higher power.

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