Drug Addiction Choice Or Essay What Are The Main Causes Of Stress Essay

Addiction as a disease of the brain occurs in the midbrain.

The midbrain is our unconscious When the brain is overfilled with excessive amounts of dopamine, it adjusts the imbalance by either producing less of the chemical, or by reducing the number of brain cells that can send or receive it.

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It seems so, because, people know that cancer is a disease that has been studied and researched for many while drug addiction has not.

Individuals who abuse drugs are affected by physiological changes that occur in the brain, unfortunately these changes lead to addiction and should be treated as the disease it is and not as if it is a choice.

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This is a process which continues throughout life, The term refers to the brain’s recently discovered ability to change its structure and function, in particular by expanding or strengthening circuits that are used and by shrinking or weakening those that are rarely engaged.

In its short history, the science of neuroplasticity has mostly documented brain changes that reflect physical experience and input from the outside world.

It is considered a brain disease because drugs change the brain – they change it’s structure and how it works.

These brain changes can be long lasting, and can lead to the harmful behaviors seen in people who abuse drugs.

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