Drop Down Nav Menu Thesis Critical Evaluation Essay Example

May I ask you a question regarding the vertical navigation on the sidebar? Because I was successfully implementing that on my test site and my question is regarding the drop down menus. So add the following code in the file where you want to display it, but it is not limited to the header file, you can add it anywhere you want it to display your menu: is used to order you pick in the options panel and container_class is the CSS style for created menu.Its all depends on your design and HTML and CSS skills.As well you can control the design with Word Press plugins and can design your HTML and CSS based navigation bar, for that giving you some practices and suggestions along with useful references.

The plugin works right out of the box with a nice set of admin controls.

Navigation Menu is introduced in Word Press Version 3.0 and in new Word Press Versions, you can utilize these great features to customize the navigation menus in any theme.

All you have to add few code segments in your theme.

Word Press Plugins provide a new and improved functionality to your Website, and For Navigation design, there are lots of useful plugins which you can use in different situations.

There are mainly two ways to use Word Press Plugins for Navigation bar, first to design and improve the Front end navigation and second, how to manage the Navigation bar.

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