Drita My Homegirl Essay

Written by the same author as the groundbreaking Heather Has Two Mommies, this book reminds the reader that a day with a toddler and caring parents is much the same for every family!Whether at play with hide-and-seek and dress-up, splashing in the bath, or getting a kiss at bedtime, these books show the deep, loving bond between a lesbian couple and their treasured child.There are many more out there, but this is a starting point.

With his trademark bold, bright colors and silly scenes, this book will encourage children to embrace all the many families in their community.

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This book, which was developed by the Global Fund for Children, also provides charitable outreach: part of the proceeds of each book sold are donated to community organizations that are dedicated to helping girls thrive and succeed.

In his signature silly, colorful style, author / illustrator Todd Parr encourages kids to be proud of the things that make them special.

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