Dreams In A Raisin In The Sun Essay

WALTER …Just tell me where you want to go to school and you’ll go. Cure the Great Sore of Colonialism--(Loftily, mocking it) with the Penicillin of Independence--!

Just tell me, what it is you want to be – and you’ll be it…. (He holds his arms open for TRAVIS) You just name it, son… (Act II, scene ii) After Mama finally releases some of the insurance money to Walter, Walter is re-energized and immediately begins asking his son Travis how he can help him accomplish his dreams. (Act III, scene i) Beneatha’s dream to be a doctor slowly fades over the course of the play, and by Act III she is overcome with misery and nearly gives the dream up completely.

Through their children, Big Walter says, a black man’s dreams are kept alive. I mean sometimes people can do things so that things are better…You remember how we used to talk when Travis was born…about the way we were going to live…the kind of house…

(She is stroking his head) Well, it’s all starting to slip away from us…

He feels that every dream he has had has been taken away from him, either by bad timing or by the white man in general.Their struggle for happiness dried up because they had to concentrate all of their energies on surviving.Their needs seem no longer to be satisfied by each other.He annoyed Walter Lee for money, causing Walter Lee to do the same but to his family.Mama was tired of listening about Walter Lee wanting to invest in a liquor store.Although weary with the constant daily struggle of making ends meet and keeping her marriage alive, Ruth has become resilient.In this scene, Ruth exemplifies how all of the characters have to work constantly to overcome their depression and feelings of hopelessness.(Act I, scene i) Beneatha’s desire to use their father’s life insurance after his death to go to medical school annoys her brother Walter.Walter thinks that studying medicine isn’t a womanly profession, and he worries that the tuition cost is too much of a cut of the check.Not just dreams are dried up though; Walter Lee and Ruth"s marriage became dried up also.Their marriage was no longer of much importance, like a dream it was post-poned and it became dry.

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