Dreams Goals Essay

My desire is to be like one of those encouraging teachers to you. How can I know that my odds are good for achieving it?

When you were a kid in school, do you remember a teacher doing a review before a test and saying something like, “Pay attention now, because this is going to be on the test”? The encouraging teachers who wanted to see their students succeed said things like that all the time. They put us to the test, but they set us up for success.

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I want to prepare you to put your dream to the test so you can actually achieve it. I believe that if you know the right questions to ask yourself, and if you can answer these questions in an affirmative way, you will have an excellent chance of being able to achieve your dreams. And they can be big dreams, not that all dreams have to be huge to be worth pursuing. As actress Josie Bisset remarked, “Dreams come a size too big so we can grow into them.” If you’ve given up hope, lost sight of your dream or never connected with something that you think is worth dreaming and working toward, perhaps it would help you to learn about the five most common reasons why people have trouble identifying their dream: 5 Reasons Why Dreams Don’t Take Flight OK, you may be saying to yourself, I’ve got a dream. That brings us to these questions: I believe that if you really explore each question, examine yourself honestly and answer yes to all of them, the odds of your achieving your dream are very good.

However how would an individual feel if they didn’t reach their goal?

Would it make them feel like a failure, even if they had a number of other achievements under their belt that they never put on their life goal list?

This poses the question whether life goals impact a person positively or negatively.

Is setting goals a way to motivate a person, or a way to make them feel worthless if the goals are not met?

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