Dr Richard Paul Critical Thinking

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The result is a valuable textbook that students will use, cover to cover, tailored to meet exactly the needs of the professor, students, and course. Preface INTRODUCTION A Start-Up Definition of Critical Thinking How Skilled Are You as a Thinker? Paul is Director of Research and Professional Development at the Center for Critical Thinking and Chair of the National Council for Excellence in Critical Thinking. Paul is an internationally recognized authority on critical thinking, with eight books and over 200 articles on the subject. Paul has given lectures on critical thinking at many universities in both the United States and abroad, including Harvard, the University of Chicago, the University of Illinois, and the universities of Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, British Columbia, Toronto, and Amsterdam.

Good Thinking Requires Hard Work The Concept of Critical Thinking Become a Critic of Your Thinking Establish New Habits of Thought Develop Confidence in Your Ability to Reason and Figure Things Out Chapter 1 - BECOME A FAIRMINDED THINKER Weak versus Strong Critical Thinking What Does Fairmindedness Require? He taught beginning and advanced courses in critical thinking at the university level for over 20 years.

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