Dr. Faustus Tragic Hero Essay Ethnic Restaurant Business Plan

The chorus hints Icarus and compares him to Faustus; that he will fly too high, foreshadowing his downfall from the beginning of the play, giving up the whole story leaving no “elements of surprise” for the readers to know what is going to happen in the play (Budra 1).

Icarus ignored his father’s advice to not fly too close to the sun because his waxed wings will melt.

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His desire, according to the Renaissance, is to transcend the limitations of humanity and rise to greater achievements and heights.

They became absorbed in the great potential and possibility of humanity.

Lucifer and Belzebub distract Faustus with a parade of the seven deadly sins in order not to repent, the sins come out as humans but they are acted out by Faustus throughout the play. Also perhaps to resemble Faustus parents being “normal” and Faustus helped himself reach his title.

Pride being introduced first in the parade is significant because it perhaps is the start of all sins, similarly for Lucifer for being a castaway from heaven because of his vanity, and also it is the main vice Faustus commits throughout the play, failing to repent believing that his sin is too big to be forgiven by god.

Both of their downfalls were led by their hubris trying to overreach their goals.

The comparison helps the readers better understand Faustus desire for powers and connects the figures together from the start, setting the pride and greed theme to it but not necessarily feeling pity or empathy because the characters led to their own misfortunes. Pride doesn’t acknowledge his parents because he believes no authority above him (Budra 2).

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