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For additional guidance, you may want to review the Executive Summary Template that I recently covered on Forbes as well.Company Description This section provides a further overview of your company now.Every minute invested in this section can pay great dividends over the longer term.

This holds key information that all financiers and potential investors are going to want to know.

Though without going through this process many entrepreneurs will find they have huge gaps in their ideas and may fall short when it comes to fielding questions from serious investors.

Using this template you will cover most of the bases and will be able to take the next steps with confidence." What should be in your business plan?

Your business plan should provide details about the business concept, the marketplace and the expected financial performance.

To download a generic FREE business plan template that will ensure you don’t leave anything out click below.

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  1. I'm feeling pretty good about it,though I will think more about it after mocks starting next week :| My suggestion would be to display your work,that is stick it down,label it,write explanations as you go along,as it takes aaaaageees if you leave it till the deadline.