Dollar Store Business Plan

Providing a large selection of bargain-priced items is our intended goal.Consumers demand quality customer service, fair pricing, and a convenient location.Other miscellaneous expenses include: The Dollar Store sells a variety of quality discount merchandise.The types of merchandise we will carry will include items such as dishware, household goods, toys, cosmetics, candy, greeting cards, and a list of items too exhaustive to list here.They will donate equity that will be cleared at the end of 36 months.Dividends will be paid quarterly on the outstanding equity.Redmond constitutes the second largest market with a fast growing retirement community.

The merchandise is purchased from a variety of well-known manufacturers such as Procter & Gamble, General Mills, American Greetings as well as a number of other generic branded companies. We will continue to find new product lines that can be added to our inventory.The investors will be treated as shareholders and therefore will not be liable for more than their personal investments.The majority owner Ted Brinkman, will contribute from his personal savings toward this business venture.The Dollar Store provides a variety of interesting merchandise options at bargain prices.Dedicated to customer service the Dollar Store will give its patrons the kind of service that is respectful and prompt.Competition is very tough with customer service and location key components.The selection of merchandise a store provides is also very important.Employees of the Dollar Store will also be treated in a professional manner with a rewarding work environment and fair compensation. It will be registered as a Subchapter S, with ownership Ted Brinkman (60%), Jim Spencer (40%).The Dollar Store wants each customer to feel as though he/she has gotten Fifth Avenue treatment at a bargain price. The building will be leased with a down payment of ,000 on a four year lease.The Dollar Store will be incorporated as an LLC corporation.This will shield the owners from issues of personal liability and double taxation.

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