Dog Breeding Business Plan Boy Essay From Photo Photographic

I now know that this is a common occurrence – even mild mannered bitches may become jealous enough to destroy the progeny of ‘rivals’. Newborn puppies, in particular, are easily lost to excessive heat or cold.The ideal home environment is also one where the puppies have direct access to a grassed area right from an early age.To be a truly exceptional and ethical dog breeder you need to be able to communicate in a positive way with people and hold their best interests and welfare up there with those of your dogs.We’ve already mentioned that dogs need to be exercised, and if you are a breeder, you will need to exercise several every day.The daily walking will be wonderful for both you and them – you’ll never need to buy another gym membership again! Don’t become a dog breeder unless you are a genuine dog lover, and enjoy dogs.Train them properly and you will safely be able to let them loose in appropriate settings to tear around and enjoy a little freedom. Otherwise you will come to resent the care required to keep them happy and produce great puppies for grateful clients.

The other consideration is the size of the space you have available.Harder still, if you intend your dog breeding venture to prosper over the long-term, you will sooner or later have to face the prospect of replacing your breeding stock.While a male dog can successfully stud into old age as long as he is healthy, around half of all bitches no longer cycle or reproduce by the time they are seven years of age. You may feel obliged to keep every breeding dog until it dies of natural causes, or pressured to do so by the other members of your household.Even if it was safe, an outing with a litter sounds like a recipe for disaster!So I can’t recommend running a successful dog breeding operation unless you have access to a yard with grass and sunshine for puppies and dogs to enjoy. It is probably possible to raise dogs successfully in a small apartment if you do it right, choose a suitably small breed and undertake to have only a small number of breeders, but it certainly isn’t the ideal situation. Here we look at the elements to dog breeding success.If you decide to keep both male and female breeding dogs, you will need to at times keep them from mating, as your bitches will need to take a break from pregnancy now and then.Also, it is wise to separate nursing bitches and their puppies from all other dogs.After all, every breeder will be a part of your family.If so, then go into the business fully anticipating that its going to be relatively short-lived.

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