Doctoral Dissertations Educational Leadership

Griffin PDF Schools' Mission Statements, Local Education Agencies' Strategic Plans, and School Accountability, Amber Holomshek PDF The Relationship Between Reading Level and Standardized Achievement Results, Monifa Johnson PDF Middle School Teacher Perceptions of the Use of the Growth Mindset Strategies to Improve Student Motivation in Title I Schools, Aressa R.

Jones PDF A Study of the Implementation of Digital Textbooks in Middle Schools, Jessica A.

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Bradley PDF Perceptions of Public Middle School Teachers About the Influence Their Personal Religious Beliefs Have on Their Professional Lives as Educators, Matthew Edward Brooks PDF The Efficacy of Postsecondary Vocational Curriculum in Preparing Students to Transition from School to Work, Peter Brown PDF Perception of African-American Adult Learners Toward Using Technology in Education, Kaira J.Weber-Robinson PDF The Accuracies of Assessment-based Grading Compared with Total-points Grading Practices in Secondary Math Education, Emily Winter PDF Teacher Experiences Regarding a Trauma-Informed Care Model in a Residential Facility School, Tammy Allen PDF Human Resource Management Practices for Public School Principals: Recruitment, Selection, and Development, David E.Atherton PDF The Impact of a Collaborative Data-Inquiry Culture, as Promoted by the Harvard University Data Wise Improvement Process, on Student Achievement., Kenneth I.Vance PDF Correlation Study Between School Administrators’ Technology Leadership Preparation and Technology Integration, Jaime Villarreal PDF Bridging the Gap between African-American Families and School Personnel: Effective Home-School Partnerships in Urban Schools, Danita D.Webb PDF Narrative: The Non-Initiator of a Gray Divorce Expatriate, Karen R.Bullock PDF Retaining Special Education Teachers for Students within the Juvenile Justice System, Kendra Byrd PDF Predictors of Intent to Stay of Clinical Care Managers in the Inpatient and Outpatient Settings: A Causal-Comparative Study, Carlo C.Carado PDF Self-Confidence Levels in Sequential Learning Versus Structured Discovery Cane Travel, Post Orientation and Mobility Instruction: A Comparison Study, Merry-Noel Chamberlain PDF A Multiple Case Study of Perceptions of the Impact of the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Program, Gerri Chandler PDF New Faculty Hire Transition: The Impact of the Extent of the Learning Organization Traits of Higher Education Institutions, Sik Yin Chan PDF Attributes of Effective Teachers, Michele Charles PDF Encouraging Prekindergarten Children’s Learning in a Head Start Program through Outdoor Play, Velvet Cooley PDF Teacher Perceptions of the Digital Badge in Kindergarten Reading Attainment, Amy Cooper PDF A Qualitative Phenomenological Study of First-Generation Caucasian Student Perceptions, Cora Cross PDF The Lived Experiences of Pastors and Lay-Leaders in Rural Missouri Assembly of God Turnaround Churches: A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study, Danny W.Bell PDF Implications of Teacher Participation in a Professional Learning Community on Teacher Effectiveness, Jennifer Bertagni PDF A Case Study: Clery Act Policy and Implementation Strategies, Sara Beverage PDF Teacher Absenteeism: An Analysis of the Possible Correlation to Student Achievement in Math and English Language Arts, Lori E.Bowman PDF A Qualitative Case Study Examining the Perceptions of Elementary Principals in the Retention of Female Versus Male Students in Rural Areas, Lindell N.Students will consult with an advisor to develop a program of study.Please see the Program Requirements for more information about coursework.

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