Doctoral Dissertation Agreement Form D

A wide variety of items including Articles, Datasets, Presentations, Technical Reports, Thesis and Dissertations, Posters, Conference Papers, all file formats can be deposited into the repository.You own and retain the copyright to your manuscript.

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These print indices require word limits of 350 words for doctoral dissertations and 150 words for master’s theses (only text will be included in the abstract).Electronically submitted theses/dissertations are available in electronic format only; no hard copies will be produced.Students are responsible for binding any copies for personal use or for distribution to their advisor, department, or committee members.It is important that students and faculty check this website each semester for the latest instructions and guidelines.Failure to submit the dissertation as instructed is likely to result in a delay in graduation.You may wish to limit the length of your abstract if this concerns you.The abstracts as you submit it will NOT be altered in your published manuscript.Mandatory processing fees are required for all theses (.00) and all dissertations (.00).This fee is paid ONLY at the University's Cashier’s Office in the Fitzgerald Student Services Building, third floor. You must certify in Pro Quest that any copyrighted material used in your work, beyond brief excerpts, is with the written permission of the copyright owner.Pro Quest offers email and phone support, 1-877-408-5027, frequently asked questions, etc.Visit the site early to familiarize yourself with the submission process.

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