Dissertations On Wireless Networking

The world has progressed beyond recognition in the twentieth century as the ways of communication have shifted from paper to paperless transmissions.

In this transformation computers and their related technologies have contributed to a great extent.

Specially, three contract theory problems: adverse selection, moral hazard, and a mixed of the two, are applied into device-to-device (D2D) communication, mobile crowdsourcing, cognitive radio network, respectively.

Numerical results are provided to show that contract theory can be utilized for developing effective mechanisms for emerging wireless network scenarios such as traffic offloading, mobile crowdsourcing, as well as spectrum trading.

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These are the some of the hot topics that have extensive material available on internet and are future oriented as a part of your quality thesis.

This paper aims to scrutinize the importance of wireless networks and identify various types of wireless networks.

Furthermore their associated pros and cons will be examined along with their environmental hazards and various other virtual security concerns.

In the other way round, third parties or end-users need to evaluate the economic benefits of cooperating or using the services from different service providers.

Overall, the current wireless networks are facing a problem in which there is a tight coupling of industry-specific technologies and non-technology related network externality.

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