Dissertation Time Plan

This is just a posh way of saying what your research will do – so don’t let the wording put you off.All dissertations should have a clearly set out aim statement.After your proposal is approved, the next step is to implement your research plan by gathering and analyzing your data.Before you begin there are more steps to consider if you have not completed these.Proposals generally include the title of your project, an introduction, literature review, and a description of the research design and methodology for your proposed dissertation.This is often used as the foundation for the first three chapters of the completed dissertation.

Your dissertation defense committee will have informed you that you passed your defense, or passed with minor revisions needed.

Now it is time for personal and professional considerations.

Find a way to bring closure to the dissertation and the doctorate as a goal, deadline, and benchmark in your life and look ahead to the future and the next steps in your career.

For example:‘The aim of this research is to carry out a qualitative case investigation of employee absence at SEDO Ltd using the Steers and Rhodes (1978) notion of Ability to Attend’This is a good start, it is precise, but there is not enough detail to use as a practical guide – remember precision and breaking tasks down into smaller units is good planning. Also remember that these statements are your setting of the dissertation exam paper – so you need to set the right exam!

Take time at the beginning so that you can achieve what you say you will achieve by the end.

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