Dissertation Teaching Assistants

Students meet individually with their advisors throughout the first year as they propose, research, and write the master’s essay, an article-length work of original scholarship suitable for submission to a scholarly journal in the field of history.Before the end of the first year, the advisor assembles an ad hoc seminar in the student’s research area attended by graduate students and faculty, to which he or she presents a pre-circulated copy of the completed master’s essay for review and discussion.Terms of the Fellowship Students admitted to the Ph. program are awarded fellowship packages renewable for up to five years, and they should aim to complete the Ph. During this time students complete the required coursework, take the general examinations for the Ph. During the remaining years the student will research, write, and defend the doctoral dissertation. The program is the same whether or not the student has received an M. We do not offer an option of enrollment on a part-time basis. Students must be in residence at the University for the first three years of the program.D., work with undergraduates as graduate teaching assistants, complete a prospectus for the Ph. Students do not serve as teaching assistants during their first year of study.While this course has no specific requirements, the advisor will use it to attest that the student is undertaking the necessary additional work to advance in the program by granting a grade of “satisfactory.” Some students use this slot to enroll in a language course rather than in non-topical research.

If—and only if—the examiners agree that all three parts of the written examination have been completed satisfactorily, the advisor will schedule an oral examination as soon as possible following the submission of the written exam at which all three examiners must be present (preferably in person, but by video conference if necessary).

The general examination consists of three written exams, conducted by three examiners, including the advisor, covering three separate fields of study.

Once the student has completed all the other requirements for Ph. candidacy, the student’s advisor should notify the graduate secretary to arrange for the student to take these three written examinations.

The graduate program in history is small, highly selective, and well supported by the University.

If a student is admitted, the University will provide a competitive financial package that will include a stipend for living expenses, remission of tuition, and cover the cost of University fees and single-coverage health insurance.

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