Dissertation Table Of Contents Template

Also note that the Table of Contents is most useful for the reader when entries are limited to chapter-level titles only or to chapter-level titles and first-level (main) section headings, as has been done in the examples above.

This list describes only Graduate College requirements for student theses.

Footnotes are also pre-formatted for the Chicago-style documents.

These documents are also already set up to embed fonts for you (as required by Pro Quest).

Formatting Styles and Applying Styles Before attaching the Thesis/Dissertation template to your document, you must first apply the following styles to the appropriate sections of your work.

It does not matter how these styles look – when you first apply them they will not look right – only that the names of the styles match those in the following list exactly.

After you have applied all the styles and attach the template the document will be formatted correctly.

Leave this menu open while you work through the document.

To apply a style, simply highlight the text that you wish to format and click the appropriate name from the styles list.

There are a lot more workshops available, such as Abstract Writing, Finding Funding, Grant Writing, and Dissertation Completion, as well as an additional ETD seminar held once per semester to help guide students through the final steps of the thesis or dissertation process and submitting the completed manuscript to Pro Quest.

For more information on any of these workshops, click here for the KU Graduate School News & Events page.

The Graduate College offers a thesis/dissertation template that contains all required content and formatting.

You can either write your document from within the template or apply the template’s formatting to your previously created work.

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