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After generating the questions one need to evaluate id it is really possible to raise these questions and then finally choose the appropriate question which this study desiresto seek answers to .

Developing a research question Spend time it is most important aspect – give adequate time to developing the research question after addressing all the above questions. Other resources Subject availability Material expertise? Reason – likely to stop the project Materia medica Organon Repertory Medicine Pediatric Psychiatry Writing style: The words that you mean should be written , they should not mean anything more or less then what you desire to express.

These traits were not found essentially influential predictors themselves.

The findings show that the correlation between stress and unhealthy eating was therefore overemphasized, as personality traits may undermine the correlation between these occurrences.

It is a part of curriculum in most of the Post graduate and doctoral level studies.

Why write: It is useful in developing an ability to critically think on the subject under study.

A referenced population contained 203 self-selected adults, aged 18-40 years old.

The methods included an on-line questionnaire, which consisted of a Perceived Stress Scale, a 12-item Food Frequency questionnaire, and the International Personality Item Pool. Personality type was not proved to significantly determine the dependence between food and stress as it was hypothesized.

It should be relevant to you, to your science and of course to your subject under study.

How to arrive at the question: This arises from your observations and after making due references on the available literature knowledge available on the subject as of now.

One should discuss the though that gets generated with the guide and generate possible questions that your study can address.

It is written as one paragraph that contains all the data in brief. The study shows that high level of stress is proved to correlate with bigger consumption of high-sugar and high-fat foods, especially among the women population.

Stress and dietary habits are relevant to the personality traits, yet the correlation between stress, personality traits and kinds of foods was not researched properly.

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