Dissertation On Customer Satisfaction In Banks Creative Writing Training

It went ahead to revealed that both the level of service quality and customer satisfaction was at mean ≈3 (high level).

The findings from PLCC showed a significant and positive relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction while comparing dimension like customer loyalty with reliability, responsiveness and assurance.

The result is that customers can withdraw cash wherever there is BPR teller.

The matter has been evaluated particularly in terms of commercial banking sector where competition has knocked at the door as mentioned before.

Based on the discussion above, the aim of this study is to examine how service quality would impact so to improve the level of satisfaction of BPR customers.

We can no longer accept a culture of mediocrity either from Rwandan business and government institutions that give poor services, or Rwandan customers who quietly accept substandard ‘customer care’, if I can call it that” (Ibidem).

For BPR organization under study, shifted in 2008 from a cooperative bank to be a commercial bank.

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