Dissertation Medical Ethics

For information on programs, thesis requirements and thesis weighting for your individual program, please speak to the graduate supervisor and/graduate administrator for your department, your departmental website and also the Graduate Calendar. Many disciplines, especially in engineering and the sciences, also accept a thesis consisting of student work based on published papers, conference proceedings or papers awaiting publication. More information can also be found in section 12.4 of the Graduate Calendar.

It’s important that grad students stay in close contact with their supervisor through all stages of their thesis or dissertation and be certain that they are following appropriate procedures and timelines.

Manley PDF An Evaluation of the Impact of the "Talk downs" Model on ~Self-perceived Confidence of Nurses for Descalating Potential Aggressive Episodes., Francis Mc Carron PDF Pause for thought - Surgical Time Out: Before or after Painting & Draping.

The graduate thesis or dissertation is shaped by the procedures, requirements and timelines of a student’s individual program.

Failure to do so will mean that you cannot graduate.

If you have not received an email within a reasonable period of time that tells you that you can now apply for graduation, please check back with your thesis supervisor.

Details on this process, including how to format your thesis in PDF/A, are available on our Converting to PDF/A format page.

Your supervisor must approve of your upload and then send it to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs by the required deadline date.

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