Dissertation Marketing Strategy

Analyticalmodels like PEST, Porter’s five forces competitive model and SWOT analysis method havebeen used to research Youmo milk tea’s internal and external environment and its advantagesand disadvantages, the results of which have been a good preparation for Youmo milk tea’smarketing strategy formulation.Finally, it made the market position of Youmo milk tea clear.This paper arguesthat the enterprise should strengthen the combination of4Ps marketing strategy, its productsstand out its product/service advantage, and help enterprise to form strategic combination toensure the steady implementation of the enterprise strategy.

d.) Customer buyer behavior analysis.' e.) Market demand forecast. b.) Research Hyperthesis c.) Statistical Model e.) Method of Data Collecting. - conclusion and suggestion (4.1) Research finding and suggestion. (4.3) Research Contribution (4.4) Research Limited. Therefore, avoid making a conclusion or description according to your judgment only, verify your thoughts with STATISTICS PROOF and ANALYSIS.

The range of topics in marketing is very wide and there is no point in limiting yourself to any lists of suggestions.

Try to generate your own topic by contemplating about the latest trends and developments and remembering the most popular marketing concepts that are being discussed.

Dissertation prior to this date are available in hard copy format from the Marketing Departments administration office.

The ubiquity of the smartphone has proven disruptive.

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