Dissertation In English

Dissertations and academic articles used always to be written in the third person, and in the passive voice; as an example, you might write ‘An experiment was carried out to test…’ However, many journals have now moved away from that convention and request first person and active voice, which would require you to write ‘I carried out an experiment to test…’ Check with your university about their requirements before you start to write.

If you cannot find any guidelines, then ask your supervisor and/or the person who will be marking your thesis about their preferences.

Use shorter, simpler words and phrases wherever possible.

Short sentences are good as they are easier to follow.

During the year, feedback and support will be offered through practical meetings and up to two workshops per term, during which students will be invited to present a powerpoint of their work-in-progress to peers.

In term 2, students will be offered at least 3 x 30 minute supervisions.

As a general guide, use the marking scheme to show you the approximate split for the word count.For example, if the introduction is worth 20%, and each of the other two submissions 40%, for a total word count of 10,000 words, the introduction should be at most 2,000 words, and each of the other two around 4,000 words.If you’re submitting your dissertation as a single piece of work, and not in separate submissions, you may find it easier not to write it in order.It is often easier to start with the literature review and then write the methodology.The introduction may be the last part you write, or you may wish to rewrite it once you’ve finished to reflect the flow of your arguments as they developed.Take a look at our pages on Organising your Study Time and Organisation Skills, as well as Project Management Skills and Project Planning, to give you some ideas about how to organise your time and energy for the task ahead.Like an academic paper for journal publication, dissertations generally follow a fairly standard structure.Writing a dissertation requires a range of planning and research skills that will be of great value in your future career and within organisations.The dissertation topic and question should be sufficiently focused that you can collect all the necessary data within a relatively short time-frame, usually about six weeks for undergraduate programmes.The aim of the dissertation or thesis is to produce an original piece of research work on a clearly defined topic.Usually a dissertation is the most substantial piece of independent work in the undergraduate programme, while a thesis is usually associated with master's degrees, although these terms can be interchangeable and may vary between countries and universities.

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