Dissertation Homie This Shit Is

Nietzsche most certainly would have identified Kanye West as the Dionysian.

His lyrics offer more evidence of his tastes: On “Barry Bonds”, Kanye raps about being fresh off the plane and saying hello in Japanese, while “Flashing Lights”, “Good Life” and Chris Martin collaboration “Homecoming” make explicit references to air travel too.“Stronger”, however, was unlike anything Kanye had done before.The futuristic fusion of Kanye’s mythological story of survival and the sample of Daft Punk’s 2001 single “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” made “Stronger” an international hit, taking the top spot on the Billboard charts in the US and bagging him his first UK #1 while acting as a key foundation in the development of what would become EDM in subsequent years. Fresh, Mister, by himself he’s so impressed I mean damn, did you even see the test?Hustlers that’s if you’re still living, get on down Every time that we hear them Good morning! In this departure from the high education trilogy, the nonchalant Kanye ripped up his thesis and threw it up in the air like confetti while everyone else threw their graduation cap.In a remarkable act of self-aggrandisement, Kanye distanced himself from his creation as if it were effortless. Hustlers that’s if you’re still living, get on down Every time that we hear them Good morning! You got D’s, muthafucka D’s, Rosie Perez And yer ass barely passed any and every class Looking at every ass, cheated on every test I guess, this is my dissertation Homie this shit is basic, welcome to Graduation Good morning, on this day we become legendary Everything we dreamed of I’m like the fly Malcolm X, buy any jeans necessary Detroit Red cleaned up From the streets to the league, from an eighth to a key But you graduate when you make it up outta the streets From the moments of pain, look how far we done came Haters saying you changed, now you doing your thang Good morning, look at the valedictorian Scared of the future while I hop in the De Lorean Scared to face the world, complacent career student Some people graduate, but be still stupid They tell you read this, eat this, don’t look around Just peep this, preach this, teach us, Jesus Okay look up now, they done stole yo’ streetness After all of that you received this Good morning!Reviewing Kanye’s fifth album , though the dichotomy between the two is that here, Kanye welcomes the excess as it’s all part of a force fueled by spontaneity and total immersion.Not only did Kanye borrow sounds from European artists, but he also absorbed German philosophy as a way of communicating his existence as a transcendental force.

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