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Each graduate unit has adopted a procedure for the preparation of a dissertation prospectus.

This document will normally include an outline of the parameters of the projected dissertation topic with a statement of the problem to be undertaken, the procedure or methodology to be used in the research, a preliminary review of the literature substantiating the need for the study, and the principle sources of information for the dissertation.

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Upon completion of the revisions, if any, the student will be required to defend the findings before a committee of graduate faculty members, including the dissertation committee and others chosen by the department and college dean.

It is my (not-well-founded) belief that Ph D dissertations are not graded because grading is (or should be considered) essentially foreign to academia, and it is industry, or the commercial world, which has the basic interest in placing people on a unidimensional numeric scale of who's better than whom.

It is (somewhat) humiliated to be stamped with a number or grade.

The quality of the dissertation has no impact on the final GPA because nobody cares about the Ph D GPA.

The only real indicator of the quality of a Ph D student's work is the research he/she produced over the course of the Ph D, which can't be reduced in a meaningful way to a single number.

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