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Scholarly editors from First Editing have advanced degrees and extensive experience in collegiate writing, proofreading, and editing.

They also have a history of successfully published books, manuals, and journal articles.

We are confident enough in their work to offer you a FREE DISSERTATION EDITING SAMPLE if you email us a portion of your research. Thus, you simply can’t afford to NOT have each sentence written in perfect English.

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To achieve the very highest marks you must appropriate these ideas to your own needs and use them to render your data intelligible.

We check for sexist, slang, or first-person language and properly arrange your reference material.

(Note: we will NOT write your paper.) Our Ph D editors have many years of experience with all types and formats of dissertations, from Arts and Humanities to Engineering and Chemistry, from APA to Chicago and Turabian to Harvard – we know them all!

Whether you’re completing your dissertation, submitting to a journal, starting research, or presenting your application, our Ph D dissertation editors transform YOUR words into academic excellence!

Whatever your topic: YOU write it, WE’LL perfect it!

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