Dissertation Dedication Page

Make a conscious choice about what you want that impact to be (if any).

In contrast to an Acknowledgments section, the dedication should be short and to the point.

back to table of contents The title of the thesis or dissertation (in all caps) should be as brief and concise as possible and should be used consistently in every respect.

Word substitutes should be used for Greek letters and symbols that appear in the title. Phrases such as “AN EXAMINATION OF …” or “A STUDY OF …” should be avoided. Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Science, Master of Fine Arts, Master of Business Administration, etc.) must be used on the title page.

This next example is a short-and-sweet dedication from a book I co-wrote with Dr.

This page is assigned Roman numeral ‘i,’ although the number does not appear on the page.

This page is a simple declaration that the student author claims copyright of the document.

Most of them as very basic and simple, something like this: This concise line holds enormous depth for both the readers and the person mentioned.

If you’ve read the books or seen “Game of Thrones”, you’d know that dragons and the fantasy world they represent were a big part of the appeal.

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