Discrimination Appearance Essay

For example, she writes that there have been few lawsuits in the few places that have already banned appearance discrimination.

This is hardly the most scientific measure, because unless discrimination is explicit (Boss: “You’ve gained weight.

They also impose grooming requirements that restrict self-expression and sometimes hold men and women to different standards.

These practices are largely a result of our natural tendency to prefer the beautiful over the ugly — a fact that Rhode, to her great credit, concedes, noting that some elements of attractiveness (symmetry, unblemished skin, hourglass figures for women) are human universals.

Hubert Humphrey promised he would eat the Civil Rights Act of 1964 if it ever created racial preferences, but lo and behold, it did.

And now we forbid not only actual discrimination based on race, but also “ of the federal government that if different racial groups pass an employment test at different rates, the starting presumption is that the test is racist, and it’s up to the business to prove otherwise.

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