Designer Baby Research Paper

However, designing a baby is unethical and should not be used for anything but medical purposes only.

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The sun is shining and the birds are singing while a couple enters the doctors’ office.They can be born in test tubes that are made to give children organs or other things that is more easily obtained from a baby along with taking out bad genes that can cause diseases such as cancer....[tags: genetics, disease, embryo] - Designer Babies If it seems hard choosing what features to put on a new computer, then imagine how hard it would be to choose them for a child.- Genetically engineered babies also known as “Designer Babies” are children that are modified to your wants and desirer in what you want your child to look like.Typically women only use this procedure if they are infertile.The options could be endless, from hair color to what activities the child will be good at.Some people think designer babies are a good way to make the baby they really want.Before genetic engineering and in vitro fertilization (IVF), “designer babies” were only a science fiction concept.However, the rapid pace of technology makes designer babies an increasingly real possibility.This could soon become the reality as fertility technology becomes increasingly advanced.Parents can use pre-implementation genetic diagnosis (PGD) to manipulate the genetic makeup of their children.

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