Descriptive Essay On A Journey By Bus Fashion Thesis Statement

Then, there were students like me who were on their way to school. it was already quite full but I managed to get in with the other commuters.

When the door closed, I was jammed against the door of the bus.

At the bus stand, I found a great rush of people waiting for the bus. So I could purchase a ticket with a great difficulty.

After a journey of thirty minutes we reached Ghaziabad. With the help of fellow passengers I got my luggage down.

A few stops before the bus interchange, people started getting off the bus and there were no passengers getting on.

Soon, there were only about a dozen passengers left and I even got a seat for the rest of the journey.

Low fare, punctuality of time, and ease of travel make the journey by train, both economical and comfortable.

The bedding was brought back and lifted up the roof. What a comfort it was to be out of that luggage carrier all perspiring- all cursing the transport system of the state.

When the bus reached the interchange, everyone got off and I slowly walked towards my school.

Trains are one of the best transport options for commuting long distances.

Will you like to call the passengers men and women? Jute bags won’t mind if they are placed one upon the other.

But now all the passengers were adding to the heat inside.

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