Descriptive Essay Of A Person You Love Term Papers On Algebra

My teachers commend me for this, and I owe it all to my father. The children love him and are delighted to be with him and learn from him. He loves to write, and he pens travelogues and poems. He is a voracious reader, and has an enviable collection of books in his library. He uses the early morning hours to practice meditation and brisk exercise.My father is my role model and I want to be like him. He lives by great principles and I am proud of him. He will not grudge any trouble he may have to undergo to be on the side of truth. When we go on an excursion or a holiday he enjoys writing about the different places that we visit. He is particular about keeping the books neat and tidy. He is strict with me and lets me read his books only if I can keep them neat and clean. My father wants me to be a good human being with high morals. I want to make my father proud of me, and I am willing to work hard for this.I love my father and am very grateful to him for all that he does for me.When I fall sick it is my father who helps me get well.He also does his work systematically and is fastidious. Instead, he teaches me patiently till I am able to understand. He is an artist and enjoys making paintings of natural scenery and landscapes when we go out on holidays.He keeps his books and papers in a neat and organized way. He is a happy person and always tries to make those around him happy. He also has many friends because they like to enjoy his company. When I have any difficulty I turn to him and he is always willing to give me a helping hand. I love my father and admire him for his many good qualities. I too love to draw, and my father shares with me many interesting techniques of drawing and sketching.

When envisioning the ideal person, there are many characteristics I imagine, some physical and others consist of the personality.

Showing respect for elders is a quality my father says will always stand one in good stead. When anyone in our locality has a problem they seek his counsel. He wakes up early in the morning and does not stay up late at night.

He tells me to respect my elders both at home and at school, and I always try to obey him. So he has a number of good friends, and they all love and respect him. My father also teaches the poor children in a slum nearby. He believes that the busiest man has the greatest leisure. Though he is a very busy person, he makes sure to take time out to take us on outings to interesting places. He is very strict about this and so I try my best to be punctual. Early to bed and early to rise is a maxim he follows for good health.

Students can select any My Father paragraph according to their particular requirement. I too have learnt to be punctual, and I am appreciated for this by my teachers and my friends.

My father is particular about being neat and clean. Even when I am slow to learn and understand he does not lose his temper. He is ready to help anyone who may stand in need of his help at any time, in whatever way he can, with no expectations. He loves to take us on picnics and trips to parks and forests and other scenic places.

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