Descriptive Essay My Grandmother Aluminum Bats Vs Wooden Bats Essay

Short Essay for kids My Grandmother (free to read). Her eye-sight, however, is quite good and she can read without spectacles. But her devotion to religion and God does not disturb rest of the family. Before we get up, she has already taken her bath with fresh water. We, her grand children, are attached to her more than to our parents.

Her years have now bent her back a little but have not affected her activities. She is gray haired and her humble and affectionate face is full of wrinkles.

Immediately after bath, she goes to the nearby temple.

We eagerly wait for her to come back, for she brings sweets for us.

I spent many summers with my grandmother when I was younger through my early teen years.

Her house seemed to have something special about it that set it apart from all the rest.

In the cool summer days Grandma and whoever happens to be at the house will sit out on the back porch for hours and talk about anything and everything imaginable; she is known as the neighborhood gossip queen.Even at this age, she is very active and hard-working. My father and my uncle always seek her advice in all social matters. My favorate place has always been Grandma's house.My grandma's house has and always will have a very special place in my heart.My grandfather’s family originated in a small town called Xiangfen in the Shanxi province and I still have relatives there until this day.My grandfather was the oldest of his generation so his family sent him to the bigger city in Shanxi for school and expected him to come home and take over the family business after graduation.Aunt Beth never passes the opportunity to joke about his laughter.Everyone sitting down at the holiday dinners can be seen making jokes about one another or telling the newest joke he heard.She sometimes sits in her living room for hours upon end watching the birds swoop down to the bird feeder placed next to the window.My grandmother recognizes the same birds and has names for most of them.

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