Descriptive Essay Format

For the beach scenario, you could talk about the sun, birds, clouds, people and their activities, and other objects of interest in the surrounding.

In the conclusion, summarize the main points, including your physical and emotional attitude and views on the topic of your descriptive essay.Some rules do exist though; the most notable being that you need to start with the general before going into the specifics.An important aspect of good descriptive essay writing is how the essay is structured since it makes it easier for the reader to read and understand the essay.For instance, when writing a descriptive essay about the beach, begin by describing the beach itself.Tell your readers about the waves and the appearance of the water and the sand.The introduction section is followed by the body of the essay.In the body section, you need to provide details about your topic.As previously stated, there aren’t a lot of rules to be followed in descriptive essay writing.The format is often dictated by the subject and the mood you wish to create.The main focus here will be on the emotions the subject invokes.In both the description of the surrounding and the emotion, similes and metaphors are often used.

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