Descriptive Essay About A Haunted House

To get in the mood for Halloween, a favourite holiday in the UK and America, here’s a list of some useful adjectives to describe creepy scenarios!

Perfect for building a scary scene and setting some devilish ambience – these are all adjectives with descriptions and examples.

These are often unexplained voices that are captured on audio tape or digital recorders that were not heard by human ears at the time it was recorded. However, everyone (and this includes you the viewer) was able to distinctly hear the sound of a giggle from a young girl and then a voice saying ‘Hello? Of course that stumped the men, who wondered if they were actually hearing things, so they asked again, and this time, the voice was much louder. ’ this unseen voice called out and then giggled as if finding so much fun in toying with the mortals in her presence.

While in the basement, they began to ask routine questions – ‘Are you here with us? I don’t think I’ve ever seen their features take on such an ashen look, and these are men who are skeptics in their own right.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t even last an hour for although no ghosts appear, the room does play with his perceptions of reality, causing him to have strange and gruesome visions and thoughts.

Hotels, inns and even simple bed and breakfast places are great fodder for kicking up the horror muse in all of us. Go to Google, research on (local) hotels that have haunted pasts and try to book yourself and a friend or two for at least a weekend stay.

TAPS on assignment for a special Halloween episode, decided to document this to see if the rumors of hauntings and paranormal activities were really true.

They are usually called on by home or businesses owners, to investigate and to help solve whatever mysteries they might harbor.Not to give him all the credit, but Stephen King’s little story has indeed turned this hotel, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, into one of the busiest especially during Halloween.The history of the Stanley itself is quite interesting, and I always find myself trying to read up on stories of old hotels and the people who frequented them.Look at that closet carefully, can you see faint scratch marks on it?Was someone locked in there and left to starve for days?Nothing happened for a while, but suddenly the closet door (which had been left open) began to close by itself.There was a click as if latched from the inside and then silence again.One of my very favorite episodes would have to be where they paid a visit to the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado.For those of you who are Stephen King fans, you’ll realize that this is the same hotel where he penned his famous book (and later to become a cult classic movie) – The Shining – although the hotel was renamed to ‘The Overlook’.I believe that each room has a story to tell, that beneath the scent of fresh pine and polish, clean sheets and sunshine, is the faint but murky smell of mysteries unsolved.Was that room once occupied by a troubled couple who tried to make amends and things don’t quite go right?

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