Describe Soccer Essay

The bleachers surround the field like curious overlooking mountains.Those mountains we were forced to climb every week for the infamous “Conditioning Tuesdays”.The cold silver ledges seemed to be never ending and unforgivable; and now as they stare down upon me, I am reminded of how much my hard work, with their uninvited help, has paid off.The massive maroon ring that encompasses the field from corner to corner never fails to make me shudder thinking about my many trials with its cruel merry go round trickery.The voices cheer me on, attempt to coach me, and even sometimes get frustrated with me.The scoreboard, the one and only judge of the game, stands tall at the end of the field shadowing over me and my team mates.

There are so many new things I learn at practice every day.

Its massiveness energizes and ignites my spirit, and provokes a lightheartedness within me that only it can bring out.

To a mere passerby, it may not look like more than a patch of grass and a couple of beaten up and withering goal posts, but to me it is so much more.

The prisoners get placed in its confinements after making a blunder of some sort and are then forced to remain behind its bars dependent on how fatal their mistake was.

The prisoners are then involuntarily compelled to watch those, who were previously their equals, out on the vast green ocean of freedom playing.

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