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You can test your problem-solving skills by taking on word problems or other brainteasers.The Internet has many sites dedicated to these types of exercises.It is important for both the interviewer as well as the interviewee to ask appropriate questions which will help both of them understand each other well.One of the most important parts needed in a potential candidate for any job is the problem solving skills.Instead, you can learn new ways to problem-solve, so that when you face the same problem numerous times, you'll know how to solve it once and for all—instead of trying the same old way that didn't work the first, second, and tenth time.Many different problem-solving methods and skills have been developed over the years, and they are there for you to learn and use: You can become an expert problem solver.Chris is a senior account executive at Crest Capital, where he manages vendor finance programs for manufacturers and dealers of equipment, vehicles, and software.

So to assess candidates well, behavior type of questions need to be asked. Identify the best order for accomplishing each step and a deadline for each. The most important process in problem-solving is in 'defining the task'. List all the steps necessary to achieve each target. Do not wait until the last minute, start early on the tasks that you can begin straight away. Check regularly whether you are meeting your targets and revise your action plan accordingly. This is referred to as 'elaborating the problem'. Develop an appropriate strategy: what steps must you take to address the task? Use experience from similar problems: what do you already know or what have you already done that would offer a starting place or guidance on how to approach the current problem? Set targets: what steps must you accomplish by when? A less successful approach is to launch in too quickly, without undertaking the initial reflection and preparation. Find out how other people have approached similar problems. It is worth spending time reflecting on what kind of problem it is, how it is like other problems you have encountered, and what different options there might be for approaching the task. Consider lots of options for how to approach the task or solve the problem. It will take time to weigh up the advantages and challenges of each possible solution. Knowing what would make a 'best possible solution' How far is this feasible in your circumstances? Once you have done that, weigh up different solutions. Avoid solutions that cannot be met by the deadline. A problem can be any task or assignment or project that you need to complete. Usually, it involves several different steps or stages. However, the most important factor of an interview is its one to one form of communication.That is, in an interview, a candidate is usually seated directly across the employers and is asked questions about various things that he had claimed in his resume.

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