Denis Diderot Essay A Research Thesis

He was assisted by empress Catherine the Great of Russia, who initially bought his library under the condition that he could keep it until she required it and later gave him an annual salary for life as librarian of his own collection. Petersburg in 1773 to thank her and wrote a Plan d'une université pour le gouvernement de Russie ("Plan of a University for the Government of Russia") but left again for Paris after five months, disillusioned with a society under enlightened despotism.Diderot died in a house provided to him by Catherine the Great.Although the plays never came to be considered significant works for the theatre, the theoretical works had a significant influence on later drama and art.

Because it was so exclusive, Diderot's writings in the escaped censorship and he was thus able to express himself freely on the works of the artists of his time.

As soon as he was released Diderot developed his Prospectus for the encyclopaedia, which d'Alembert expanded into the Discours préliminaire in 1751, a declaration of purpose that defined the battle lines for the years to come.

Under Diderot's energetic editorship the project survived a total ban and multiple attempts of censorship.

Diderot contributed regularly to the periodical Correspondence littéraire and can be regarded the first professional art critic.

Among his many works are Philosophical writings Le Rêve de d'Alembert (written 1769, published 1830; "D'Alembert's Dream").

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