Dell Business Plan

Dell considers the planet at every stage of the product lifecycle, ensuring that products are made of environmentally preferred materials, meet tough environmental production standards, and are easily recycled for proper disposal or eventual reuse.Dell’s major new commitments include the following: By providing customers with efficient energy solutions, Dell can help them reach their own energy-saving goals, reduce their overall footprint and, in turn, reduce emissions.Dell plans to use 50 million pounds of recycled plastic and other sustainable materials in products by 2020.Through Dell Reconnect, the company makes it easy and free for all consumers to recycle their end-of-life electronics.To ensure proper disposal, Dell became the first in the industry to ban the export of e-waste to developing countries.

Recently, other companies, notably Yahoo and Best Buy, moved in the other direction, pulling back on such efforts and requiring workers to work in a company office.Taking a page from the playbook of all great innovators, Dell looked around to see what companies in other industries were doing to improve their environmental profiles.One inspiration was Nike and what it did with shoe design through its Better World campaign.In addition, Dell aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its own operations by 50 percent and reduce the energy intensity of its product portfolio by 80 percent by the year 2020.Dell plans to shrink its carbon footprint through such means as the Connected Workplace, a program that enhances the ability to work from home.In 2013, Dell released its “Legacy of Good Plan,” a set of goals for the year 2020.The plan outlines Dell’s strategy for bringing sustainability and business objectives together to benefit customers and leave a legacy of social and environmental good.According to Thompson, roughly 20 percent of Dell employees work from home at present.She says the decision to implement the connected workplace has been “carefully considered and the company sees multiple business benefits that can be derived from this goal.” Thompson points out that by allowing just a fifth of its employees to work from home, Dell kept 6,735 metric tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere and saved roughly million last year.Since then, the Dell team, led by Vice President of Corporate Responsibility Trisa Thompson, has been putting the plan into action.Stimulating environmental and social change is no easy task—it requires dedication, a sophisticated approach, and, above all, collaboration across industries and organizations.

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