Deli Restaurant Business Plan

“I think the project itself is the coolest thing to hit the Denver area in a decade.The design is going to be tremendous,” says Honness, who has wanted to be in the Stapleton neighborhood for a year and a half but couldn’t find the right location.The restaurant will be full service with their own bar and open for breakfast, lunch and brunch.Owner Drew Shader says the atmosphere will be comfortable, encouraging people to linger but describes the offshoot as being “less Atomic Cowboy-ee and more brunchy.” After several years having the company’s Biscuit Bus food truck at the Stapleton Farmers Market, Shader is looking forward to having a more permanent presence in the area.

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It’s a once-in-a-lifetime project for me,” says Shader.

“All of a sudden, we’re a destination for a good report card, after choir or basketball practice, or for a first date,” he says.

Opening his fifth location in November, Honness is excited to continue serving 24 flavors of house-made ice cream and sorbet (from 135 rotating recipes) in Sweet Cow at Stanley, the sixth location.

In its three current locations, the biscuit-centric business shares space and a partnership with the Atomic Cowboy bar and Fat Sully’s Pizza, serving people morning to night.

At Stanley, Denver Biscuit Company will continue serving items based on giant buttermilk biscuits including sandwiches, biscuits and gravy, and shrimp and grits over biscuits.

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