Defining Friendship Essay Parenting Styles Essay

A person is called very lucky having true friends in his/her life.

True friendship gives us memorable, sweet and pleasant experiences of many types in the life.

Human is a social being and cannot live alone; he/she needs someone to share his/her feelings of joy or sorrow.

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Friendship is a faithful and loyal relationship between two or more person living anywhere in the world.Friendship can develop between persons having similar or different passions, emotions or sentiments.Friendship is the most valuable relationship in the life of a person instead of having many important things in life.Friendship is the most precious asset of one’s life which he/she never wants to lose.True friendship leads two or more persons involved in it towards success without any demotion in life.Friendship is another name of care and support to each other.It is based on the trust, feelings and proper understandings to each other.A friend is someone who understands and appreciates other one without any exaggeration.True friends never becomes greedy to each other instead they want to give something better to each other in life.There are any boundaries or differentiation of age, caste, race, creed and sex exist between them.They know the realities of each other and live satisfactorily by helping each other.

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