Defense Elitism Essay

She previously was a professor at Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University, where she founded the Center for the Study of the Administrative the immortal words of Nick Hornby, “the music or the misery?I think, on the whole, females are a weaker sex” — and criticizing feminism, while others criticize sexism within the organization.

Politico reported last week that Rao had been added to the administration’s list of potential Supreme Court nominees.

The White House has yet to announce re-nominations, but is expected to put Rao back up for the DC Circuit.

Rao has long been an influential legal voice on the right, and was an early favorite for Kavanaugh’s seat.

” During one of the most highly anticipated panels at the biggest academic conference of the year in my field, I’m sitting on the floor with a bunch of other eager dopes who didn’t show up in time to snag a seat. One of the hottest names in “theory” today is running the panel and all the papers sound fascinating, in an obsessive hobbyist sort of way—it all promises to be a thunderous nerdgasm. There’s something serious going on here, and we need to talk about it.

Then, halfway through the panel, it hits me: this is awful. Being overwhelmingly sad is, to be fair, a regular part of being an academic, and oftentimes it can feel like there’s just something about the profession that attracts overwhelmingly sad people. No, this will not be another rambling naval-gazing excursis on what “the role of the academic” should be.

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