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The American Dream and Death of a Salesman research paper due and don’t know how to start it? The concept of ascribing to false values in the attempt to achieve the American dream is not an unusual phenomena.

Clearly, the notion of the American dream may be shared by other societies as a hope for or pursuit of an exceptional goal, however American society is especially receptive or susceptible to striving to achieve such a goal.

Willy Loman was no different, and he strived hard in his sales job to sustain his family, and fulfill his desires of living an American dream.

Of course the flow of your essay will still be a priority to worry about.

Loman suffers frustration after been declined for a job knowing he had retired as a salesman, which he struggled tirelessly all through his life.

Through capitalism, power is associated with capitalist like Howard, who dares fire Willy after his long service in the company, without even minding the moral decency of setting him aside for retirement (Sterling 5).

Indications of an old car, non profit making individual, and financial struggles show that his financial status was worse to raise capital, so that he could start a business of his own closer to home.

As an investor, Howard hoped for delivery of an efficient service as he also paid wages to his workers, which determined his profit too.

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