Database Research Paper Topics

Here is a woefully incomplete list of threads that we think are insanely exciting (apologies for inevitably missing so many other threads!

): , but the chance for our ideas to have impact is many fold greater than it ever has been.

Also we advise you to Following is a set of hot topics in the field of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology on which active research is being conducted by Institutes and Research Organizations across the Globe.

Since they are on the public domain, everyone is free to take advantage of them but one should be careful that they do not collide in their research aims and names in the near future so it is recommended that you should chose the topic after careful consideration and modify your research aims accordingly.

There are more conferences, more intellectual threads, and our big claim to fame – the RDBMS – is now a much smaller fraction of the data management systems picture.

That said, many of the points we hear about – bad paper reviews, projects that are worthy but hard to pursue, too many papers – have a grain of truth.

Choosing an interesting and worthy research topic is always a time consuming process for a research group.

Choosing a topic, searching relevant material and citing sources is always challenging and sometimes painful.

It is thrilling to participate in such a wide range of societal-scale problems.

A different take on the challenges facing the field.

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