Darul Arqam Homework

In 2011 i suggested two more families to get their kids registered there .

i like the school very much The school has a great Islamic environment and the teachers are very dedicated and caring.

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Parents left with false promises that have yet to be fulfilled such as revising and abiding by board bylaws and expanding the board.

Teachers leave this school left and right due to these problems and please do read the posts objectively while others feel not much has really changed especially with the principal leaving and six months later not being replaced.

People please compare them to other schools that have been around for just as long (almost 15 years) and see the difference! Administrators that care and have an open door policy. Happy and proud students who achieve every day in competitions and who are constantly involved in community service. We enrolled our daughter last year for Kindergarten and now at the end of the session we are quite satisfied with the teaching pattern, no school is perfect and their is always some room for improvement and i think as a parent we too had our set of concerns, but we were told that the management is already working towards improving the facilities.

We do like the Islamic perspective, which is perhaps the main reason why we decided to enroll our children in DAS.

We look forward to working with the staff & teachers to further improve our experience as well doing our part to help make the school better for future generations. the previous principal was phenomenal and really tried to improve the school and make great changes.

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