Daphnia Biology Coursework

Concisely summarized background information leads to the identification of specific scientific knowledge gaps that still exist.

Some of what we talked about is on our assignments by subject page.They are small crustaceans that inhabit a range of freshwater habitats from coastal rock-pools to alpine lakes and are found throughout Australia and the rest of the world.The water-flea has been studied in the context of ecology, evolution and ecotoxicology for many years and is now an emerging model system for ecological genomics and the study of gene function in natural environments.If your pilot study influences your biological rationale or hypothesis, you need to describe it in your Introduction.If your pilot study simply informs the logistics or techniques, but does not influence your rationale, then the description of your pilot study belongs in the Materials and Methods section.The biological rationale is based on your interpretation of the scientific literature, your personal observations, and the underlying assumptions you are making about how you think the system works.If you have written your biological rationale, your reader should see your hypothesis in your introduction section and say to themselves, “Of course, this hypothesis seems very logical based on the rationale presented.”***Special note on avoiding social justifications: You should not overemphasize the relevance of your experiment and the possible connections to large-scale processes.The experimental protocol consists of the detailed step-by-step procedures and techniques used during the experiment that are to be reported in the Methods and Materials section.Many times it is important to do pilot studies to help you get familiar with your experimental system or to improve your experimental design.Research projects centre on three key themes: i) sex differences and the evolution of infectious disease; ii) invasion biology and host-pathogen interactions; and, iii) the consequences of global change.These projects make use of a variety of species of Daphnia, commonly known as the water-flea.

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