Daniel Defoe An Essay On Projects

Defoe was an acclaimed and prolific pamphleteer and journalist who wrote scabrous attacks on supporters of King William III and Queen Anne, William’s successor.Defoe was often imprisoned for his inflammatory writings.Daniel Defoe was born Daniel Foe in 1660 in London, the son of a butcher (he began to use “Defoe” more frequently beginning in 1696).Defoe became a merchant but went bankrupt in 1692 and left the world of business in 1703.(1697) was the first volume published by Daniel Defoe.[1] It begins with a portrait of his time as a "Projecting Age"[2] and subsequently illustrates plans for the economic and social improvement of England,[3] including an early proposal for a national insurance scheme. As the son of a butcher in 17th-century England, he grew up without the advantages of wealth and education that other writers enjoyed.The essay shows its age most as it concludes, reassuring readers that educated women will know better than to interfere in government and other male arenas.

Critics are even in the precarious position of not knowing if Defoe is merely a creature we have put together in our heads from works that may or may not be by him.

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